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Press Release

32 Fields = 528 Combinations = 528 unique Paintings

On 07.07.2007 Ines Balzer and Annett Hörning launched a new art project that combines chess and art in a new way. It all begins with the chessboard. Up to two fields are combined and painted on 15.75 x 15.75 inches gallery-canvas. Each combination will only be painted once by Ines and Annett. That way you get 528 unique painting. These are only available online at The combination defines the price. Furthermore most painting will be sold with a discount. The discount starts with 90 percent and will decrease the more paintings are sold.

Chess always played an important role in the creations of arts and literature. Many artists are inspired by chess. So were Ines and Annett who bring that inspiration to another level. Chessboardart is conceptual art. The main focus is not on the single painting – the whole project is the real art.

With Chessboardart Ines and Annett want to share the fascination of art and chess with people around the world. For that purpose comments and photos can be sent after the purchase. These will be published on the website. Chessboardart is supposed to inspire people around the globe and by that build a connection between them.

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